Imperial Speeder Bikes

I was really looking forward to painting these. One of my favourite toys as a kid was the Palitoy Speeder Bike so these WEG casting had a lot to live up to.

Imperial Speeder Bikes Imperial Speeder Bikes

First off the assembly was a royal PITA! No amount of manoeuvring would line up the rider with the handlebars, never mind the stirrups. After much faff I found the best approach was to move the controls closer to the rider. This involved removing the little tabs and drilling new pins into place. The end result was however a much more sturdy join. The rider, with a little bending, could now grab the levers and sit on the bike!

Imperial Speeder Bikes Imperial Speeder Bikes

I wanted to mount them clear flight stands and rather than a permanent fix I used a pair of neodymium magnets, one recessed into the undercarriage and the other dropped in to a cut down flight stand. 

Imperial Speeder Bikes Imperial Speeder Bikes Imperial Speeder Bikes

Painting was surprisingly quick although finding a good and consistent source for the colour of the fuselage was a challenge. However by far my biggest complaint was the poor design of the riders. The quality of the sculpting was okay but they bore little resemblance to Imperial Scouts. Unlike the on-foot model which is superb, these were very odd. Square satchel-like backpacks, simplified helmets and no boot pistol were just some of the issues. I don’t understand if they already had dollies of the Scout Trooper, why go so wrong with the mounted version.

Imperial Scout Imperial Scout

Now that they’re done however I can’t wait to get them on table. In SWMB these things move! With a speed profile of 17/51/175 that ignore rough terrain means that you’d be hard pressed keeping them on table from one turn to the next. Armed with Mk 2e/S Laser Cannon these for make deadly long range hit and run flankers!

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